About Us

With a simple idea first conceived on the barrier islands of Florida, our jewelry at Tidal Pearls is hand-crafted one elegant piece at a time.  The discovery of pearls dates back to ancient times.  Cultured pearls have been in existence for over 100 years taking several years to produce. Beautifully fashioned and guaranteed for your enjoyment, we make each bracelet or necklace with the quality you would expect from expensive specialty stores at a very affordable price. 

After you receive your order, you may notice that the pearls might look different from the pictures in our store.  Cultured pearls are created naturally, but with human intervention in various climate conditions all over the world.  The luster, shape, weight and color will always be different from one pearl to the next.  Whether the pearl is your birthstone or you simply want to wear one of our products for all of the historical beauty and meaning they provide, Tidal Pearls wants you to be satisfied, one pearl at a time.                                                                                                




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